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Restoring the roots of our faith (Romans 11:18)

Welcome to our video Library, below are links to Pastor Gilbert's video teachings
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Purim and the end-times...... click here

Hanukkah Service 13 December 2020 with Cody Archer ..... Click here

Israel, The Church & The Great Commission (12th November 2020)..... Click Here

The Eighth Day, teaching on Shemini Atzeret & Sicha Torah (17 October 2020) ...... Click here

Feast of Tabernacles @ Trinity Community Centre 4 October 2020 .... click here

Sukkot (Tabernacles) Service 3 October 2020 ...... click here

Yom Kippur Service 27 September 2020..... click here

Feast of Trumpets Service, 19 September 2020 ..... click here

The Judgment on Edom (Obadiah) ..... Click here

The Land, The City & The Throne (Webinar on 18 July 2020)... Click here

Lost & Restored; God is restoring the church to her original state...... Click Here