One New Man Asia

Restoring the roots of our faith (Romans 11:18)

Shalom, 2019 has been quite busy for us so far, God gave us several assignments both locally and overseas. We would like to share some of the highlights with you here.

Local (Singapore) Ministries

At home God has opened doors for us to minister in a few different churches. We have also conducted the Passover Seder at YMCA, Orchard Road and hosted some private meetings with Messianic leaders. We have also started hosting our own special meetings which we hope will become regular events.

Overseas Ministry - Goa, India

Thank you for your support of our Goa Project, through your generosity we have been able to establish a Guest House and Cafe called Mika Mocha. When we went in January this year it was nearing completion. We held seven days of worship and intercession at the site and did a soft launch culminating in a Shabbat Dinner where we had some young Israelis joining us. We had a nice dinner and then played board games with them. We also did some ministry in a local village and some of the residents living near the Cafe.

Overseas Ministry - Palawan, Philippines

In March we made a trip to Palawan to help the churches there understand God's heart for Israel and explore how they could be used by God to provoke Jewish visitors there to jealousy. It was only a short trip over a weekend but a very fruitful one.

Overseas Ministry - Thailand & Asia Messianic Forum

The 6th Asia Messianic Forum was held at the Avana Hotel, Bangna, Bangkok from 13 to 17 August.

We received invitations to speak at two churches just before the conference began. It was a great joy and privilege to minister to a Pakistani church and a local Thai church. The brethren there treated us so well and one couple even took us sightseeing for two days.

The Asia Messianic Forum was a great success, we had over 600 participants from more than twenty nations including nations like Laos and Brunei. The Israeli speakers; Asher Intrater, Peter Tsukahira and Joseph Shulam brought thought provoking messages challenging us to finish the race of the Great Commission with the view of the salvation of Israel. The theme was "Oneness" meaning unity between Jews and Gentiles in Messiah. One could actually feel the spirit of unity in the fellowship of nations.

The next conference will be held in Goa, India in 2021.

You can read the article in Kehila News about the forum here.

Grace Church, Chachensoe, Thailand

Asia Messianic Forum

What's Next?


We have begun monthly fellowship meetings on the first Shabbat of the month (Friday night), we are looking forward to see how God is going to develop this.

We will also host special meetings when we have Messianic guests as and when they the opportunity arises.

We shall be hosting the International Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem again this year. We missed out last year as we were in Israel and attended it there. This will be on 6th of October. Details here

We shall also be celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles on 13th of October. Details here

We also look forward to organizing a Passover Seder in April next year


New Zealand: On 20th September three of us will leave for Tauranga, New Zealand where Pastor Gilbert has been invited to teach at YWAM's (Youth with A Mission) School of Jewish Studies. There will also be meetings at the YWAM base as well as some ministry to a local church and possibly another meeting.

Goa: We plan to do two trips to Goa in the coming months, the first one from 30th November to 8 December 2019 and another possibly in March 2020 (dates to be confirmed). Would you like to join us? Drop me an email at or whatsapp +6583440295.

Palawan: We also plan to make another trip to Palawan, Philippines, the dates have yet to be fixed.

We are also praying for openings to Thailand and Vietnam and possibly to go to the Thai-Laos border to meet Lao Christians.

We need your support

Please continue to pray for this ministry, we believe that what we do is part of God's end-time plan and will usher in the return of the LORD.

If you are gifted in communications and event planning and organization, and are willing to help please contact Ps Gilbert by email at or whatsapp +6583440295. Your help is greatly needed.

We cannot run from the fact that all this work needs finances and we ask that you would pray about supporting our work, below is an estimate of how much it will cost us to do the work:

  • New Zealand – S$1700.00
  • Goa (two trips @ S$1700 per trip) X 2 S$3400.00
  • Palawan trip including tickets, accommodations and cost of holding conference – S$3000.00
  • Thailand - S$1200
  • Vietnam – S$1200

Aside from these we also have the monthly expenses of the ministry which comes to around $3000.

We pray that God will put it in your heart to support this work and thank you in advance for your generosity. To support our ministry you can find our bank details here.