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Israel Tour 2020

We take great delight to announce our upcoming tour to Israel in December 2020.  During this trip we will


In addition to the many Biblical sites, we will also visit some special places like Ayalon Institute, an underground bullet factory that was in operation during the British Mandate which made some four million bullets for the Haganah (predecessor of the IDF), for their struggle for independence from the British. Independence Hall we will visit the very room on which David Ben Gurion announced the independent state of Israel on May 14 1948 and also hear the account of how it all took place very hurriedly.


Participate in Shabbat services with Messianic congregations which have a more traditional style of observance, and help to pack supplies for a soup kitchen. Optional - take part in a prayer session in a prayer house.


Arab and Jewish pastors and believers

IDF Soldiers and people living in a kibbutz near the Lebanese border.

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