One New Man Asia

Restoring the roots of our faith (Romans 11:18)

One New Man Band leading worship

Rev Vincent Lun, Kingdom Community Church

Rev PJ John, Revival Prayer Centre

Brother Kenneth Khoo, Christians for Israel

Rev Tim Chow, Chapel of Christ the King (Anglican)

Rev Joyce Butron, Foursquare Church

Brother Tan Kia Jin, Grace Methodist Church

Mrs Rotem Magen, Kehila News

Ps Gilbert Carthigasu, One New Man Asia

Joseph Magen (middle), Kehila News


Prayer Huddles

Prophetic Declarations

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This year was our 13th year to host the annual Day to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem meeting in Singapore. We are grateful to Kingdom Community Church for sponsoring the use of their facility for this year's meeting. 

It was held on 1st October at 7.00, which was a Sunday night at which is always a challenging time to gather people together. In spite of that almost two hundred people gathered to pray.

We began with Praise and worship in both English and Hebrew led by Daniel Kan and the One New Man band. We were transported in God's presence in the worship.

Prayers were led by several local pastors and also a missionary from USA. Rev Joyce Butron works for the Foursquare Church in Los Angeles and is in Singapore as the regional representative for the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.

One other significant thing for us this year was that we had a Messianic Jew with us and also led in one prayer segment. Mrs Rotem Magen is in Singapore with her husband Joseph. They work for Kehila News, Israel and are setting up an office in Singapore to strengthen the spiritual links between Singapore and Israel. One New Man Asia and Kehila News have worked together on two occasions this year and look forward to doing more together.

As usual Israel's security was at the top of our prayer list and other things we prayed for included the economy, reconciliation among the different people groups in Israel, the youth, salvation of the Jewish people and the relationship between Singapore and Israel.

We ended the night with the Aaronic Blessing done by Joseph Magen, we left feeling grateful for the privilege to participate in this global event.